You may intend to keep working. But life may say otherwise.

A third of Americans expect to work at least until age 65. Another 10 percent don’t plan to retire at all.

Many don’t think they’ve saved enough money. And baby boomers are redefining retirement and must keep busy to stay happy — especially if many expect to live into their 80s and 90s.

But they are in for a shock. A 2015 Employee Benefit Research Institute survey found that 50 percent of retirees left their jobs sooner than planned. Why?

Half had to leave because of disability, a health issue or to care for someone close to them. Another 18 percent left because of layoffs or downsizing.

“We always try to tell people you should be prepared for that every day,” says Nancy Coutu, co-founder of Money Managers Financial Group in Oak Brook, Ill. “Even if the plan is to work forever, Mother Nature often does things out of control, and you are forced into retirement.

– The Washington Post

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