Why the Political Mainstream Keeps Failing America’s Workers

Millions of Americans spend every day preoccupied with whether they can make a better life for themselves than their parents did, and whether they can pass on that opportunity to their children. They are concerned that you can no longer accomplish these goals in America simply through hard work and perseverance. They see social mobility waning, inequality soaring, wages only now starting to accelerate after 15 years of dormancy. And they fear entry into a workplace of the future that looks disconnected and powerless.

Conservatives tell a coherent story in reaction, even if it’s a non sequitur — government regulations and government taxes sap the initiative from job creators. So does the left, if you seek out their views — corporate greed and power captures too much of the gains of productive work. The muddle has come from those in the political center, dumbfounded about how to combat forces they helped set in motion. And they haven’t gotten any better at it since Trump’s election shattered their world.

– The Fiscal Times

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