Why South Koreans Now Live Longer Than Americans

The astounding difference in longevity between the U.S. and South Korea and some other countries is at least partially a result of South Korea’s comparative socio-economic equality and the growing inequality in the U.S. 

Athletes from South Korea and America will compete for medals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang — but at least in one way, the South Koreans are already winning.

As recently as 1960, most South Koreans couldn’t expect to live past 55. Today, they can expect to live longer than Americans — for more than 80 years. And this gap is expected to get even wider very soon.

South Korea is billed to become the world leader in life expectancy by the end of the next decade. In a recent study, published in The Lancetresearchers predicted that average life expectancy in the country will reach beyond 90 years for South Korean women by 2030. Men there will also see big gains.

– Vox

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