Why AARP’s New Social Security Campaign Is Upsetting Progressives

The largest seniors group in the country has launched a campaign to get presidential candidates to discuss their plans for Social Security — only it won’t say which Social Security reforms it prefers, and progressive retirement policy leaders are none too happy about it.

AARP, a nonprofit with 37 million members all over the age of 50, announced its “Take A Stand” initiative last November. The organization is asking presidential candidates to present their detailed plans for shoring up Social Security’s finances and ensuring that its benefits are adequate now and in the future.

Social Security is an increasingly vital source of income for seniors and people with disabilities, but the program faces a funding gap that will prevent it from paying out all of its scheduled benefits in 2034 unless adjustments are made.

John Hishta, AARP’s senior vice president of campaigns who heads the new initiative, said the group is focusing on Social Security because it’s simpler than dealing with Medicare, which also faces financial challenges.

– Huffington Post

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