What Not to Do in Addressing the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Challenge

It may sound stupid and naive to say this, but regardless of today’s vote to go ahead and build a mammoth new mental health facility, the balance of moral force has finally shifted in LA County.

Yes, a majority of the five county supervisors (Barger, Hahn, and Ridley Thomas) voted for their last-minute and ill-thought motion to build a monstrous new 3800-bed mental heath “treatment facility” in downtown Los Angeles–a facility to be built on the same footprint as the original proposed “mental health jail” (or CCTF).

But the shamelessness and sheer moral bankruptcy of this Hail Mary move was open for all to see – and this shamelessness was duly noted by at least 150 members of the public who spoke against the “build now” move in the open BOS comment period.

In brief, the Board’s majority was left standing naked on Tuesday. Saying that “we’re all against building a jail” and “we’re all for care first,” but then proceeding with a shockingly expensive “central hospital” plan that will inevitably produce the same malign results as a jail, must go down in in history as among the biggest of Big Lies ever propounded.

– LA Progressive

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