Trump’s Dilemma: Can He Repeal Obamacare Without Killing Medicare?

Voters opposed to Obamacare have waited six years for the opportunity to repeal it. Since the election, Republicans have suggested that it might take as many as three more years to unwind the gears of the Affordable Care Act, especially when it comes to Medicare. The “repeal and delay” strategy to push off the heavy lifting until yet another election had passed, stirred grumblings of discontent among Republicans who had already expressed considerable disgust at the party’s inability to keep its promises on the ACA.

On Wednesday, incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus recommitted the Trump administration to its campaign pledge. Asked by Salem Radio host Hugh Hewitt about the president-elect’s priorities after the inauguration, Priebus replied, “I think we’re probably going to lead with Obamacare repeal and then replace.” Two separate tax reform packages would follow, but both the repeal and a replacement for Obamacare would come first.

– The Fiscal Times

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