Towards a Program of Study for Posting on the Health Care Industry

One outcome of the very successful fundraising campaign just concluded — thank you, readers! — is that NC will be able to cover more topics more deeply, and even do original reporting on them. One such topic is health care, and I’m saying health care as such, not ObamaCare, because whether ObamaCare indeed enters an actuarial death spiral or, however improbably, becomes a roaring success in delivering actual services, the effects in terms of finance, economics, politics and power will be profound, and felt by the health care system as a whole. (The effects will also be felt by many readers, personally, as we’ve seen.)

Clearly, we’ll have to do an immmense amount of study. This post, then, isn’t the kind of deep dive you expect from NC, but a mere outline of topics to investigate. And since I’m outlining what I don’t know (a lot), there will be very few links.  However, since you, readers, collectively have considerable knowledge of the health care industry, so called[1], I hope you will contribute in comments: Links, links, links, of course, but also topics to be investigated that I missed, or even methods of investigation.

Finally, if we aggregated all reader comments at NC over the last few years on the real provision of health care services, we’d see a depth and volume of content that moves beyond far beyond anecdote[2]. I’m not aware of any other blog, or even publication, with comments of equivalent value. And what your comments reveal, at a minimum, is a deep level of mistrust of the health care system — even a sense of betrayal[3] — based on experience, sometimes health- and life-threatening. As far as I can tell, nothing like this message has reached the mainstream, not even on the [clears throat] left. Yves tells me that a similar disjunction between reader commentary and mainstream coverage occurred as the  mortgage crisis began to blow up, and as it turned out, readers were right, and right early. So, reader experiences with health care systems and subsystems under any of the topics listed below will be more than welcome, and the more vivid and concrete the better. (To pick a random example: If you do medical coding, I’d love to hear exactly how random the coding process is (if it is). Or medical accounting. Or creating health insurance company marketing brochures. Or writing the policies. Or working for collections. Even nursing and doctoring! And so on!)

– naked capitalism

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