This may be the most important chart for understanding politics today

There is nothing Donald Trump hates more than losers, but, statistically-speaking, that is what his supporters are.

Now, I don’t mean to sound so harsh. I don’t think Trump’s supporters are “losers” in the same sense he uses the word—seemingly anyone who didn’t have an eight-figure inheritance to, a couple of corporate bankruptcies aside, turn into a 10-figure fortune—but rather that there have been winners and losers from globalization. And his supporters are part of that latter group.

Indeed, Trump’s biggest fans tend to be blue-collar, have a high school education or less, and come from themodern-day Rust Belt stretching from upstate New York down into Appalachia and then parts of the South. That, at least, is what the New York Times’ Nate Cohn found when he crunched the numbers Civis Analytics put together from its 11,000 interviews of Republican-leaning voters. And it is pretty much what everyone else has found too. Trump, in other words, has become the unlikely tribune of the white-working class.

– The Washington Post

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