This is what Americans will really dislike about the House ‘Trumpcare’ bill

House Republicans voted Thursday to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with their alternative plan, the American Health Care Act. This is a big political victory — and a big win for the Trump administration. However, it will likely create headaches for the Republican legislators who voted for it — and, depending on what happens next, Republicans more broadly.

Next, the AHCA may die in the Senate, where it faces a much tougher challenge, leaving House Republicans on the record as having cast a vote on an unpopular piece of legislation that went nowhere. Or some version of the AHCA may actually pass the Senate, garner Trump’s signature and become law.

Why the rush?

Why did House Republicans rush through a vote on a complex piece of legislation affecting millions of Americans and nearly a fifth of the U.S. economy without waiting for an analysis of its effects from the Congressional Budget Office?

– The Washington Post

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