The US Loses Ground in Providing Retirement Security to Baby Boomers

A new global index of best practices by policy makers, employers and asset managers found that the United States is losing ground in providing economic and financial security and improved health care services to its 75 million baby boomers.

While more homogenous and much smaller Scandinavian and European countries lead the world in forging a sound and humane retirement policies, the United States ranked only 17th among 43 countries in shoring up retirement security, according to the fifth annual Natixis Global Retirement Index released on Wednesday.

The index provides an overall retirement security score based on 18 key drivers of retiree well-being across the four broad categories of finances, health, material well-being and quality of Life. The latest U.S. ranking is three steps below its global rating a year ago.

While the U.S. enjoys the fifth highest income per capita and pours more money into the health care system than any other country, the new global index highlights many troubling developments that are making the U.S. a more hostile environment for an aging population than before.

– The Fiscal Times

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