The Pacific Health Group Report: Medicaid Managed Care Study

The state of Florida is grappling with significant growth in its Medicaid recipient population and program expenditures. The growth is partly due to the current economic downturn but also reflects longer term demographic trends. Florida’s Medicaid long‐term care program, for example, is growing to meet the needs of the state’s large elderly population.

Florida has sought to control expenditure growth, while improving quality of care, through a variety of managed care initiatives dating back to the 1970’s. The managed care portion of the Florida’s Medicaid program today is complex, with multiple models in place around the state.   Despite the state’s long experience and history of experimentation, there is a concern among policymakers that managed care’s full potential has not been reached. Other states, with simpler models, appear to be having more success achieving the dual objectives of cost containment and improved access and quality.

– Florida Chain

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