The Moral Failing of Obamacare Repeal

PITTSBURGH — Imagine a car crash. There’s twisted metal, broken glass and the low moaning of an injured human being. An ambulance arrives, and two emergency medical technicians get out.

Now imagine this: One E.M.T. moves to the wreck, sees the wounded driver — a man, the one who’s moaning — and before doing anything else, flips down the driver’s seat visor, looking for an insurance card that isn’t there. Then he stands back up, frowns and shakes his head.

“No insurance?” his partner calls out. The E.M.T. shakes his head again.

“We could try,” the partner offers. “We could —”

“I tried last time,” the E.M.T. interrupts, cutting through air with a blunt slice of his hand. “It didn’t help,” he whispers, almost to himself.

– New York Times

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