The Medicare Advantage program: Status report

Each year, the Commission provides a status report on the Medicare Advantage (MA) program. In 2017, the MA program included almost 3,300 plan options offered by 185 organizations, enrolled about 19 million beneficiaries (32 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries), and paid MA plans about $210 billion (not including Part D drug plan payments). To monitor program performance, we examine MA enrollment trends, plan availability for the coming year, and payments for MA plan enrollees relative to spending for fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare beneficiaries. We also provide updates on risk adjustment, risk coding practices, and current quality indicators in MA. As a result of the analyses, we provide recommendations for determining eligibility for bonuses under the quality bonus program.

The MA program gives Medicare beneficiaries the option of receiving benefits from private plans rather than from the traditional FFS Medicare program. The Commission strongly supports the inclusion of private plans in the Medicare program; beneficiaries should be able to choose between the traditional FFS Medicare program and alternative delivery systems that private plans can provide. Because Medicare pays private plans a risk-adjusted per person predetermined rate rather than a per service rate, plans have greater incentives than FFS  providers to innovate and use care-management techniques to deliver more efficient care.

– The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

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