The liberal war over the Obama legacy has already begun

The race for the Democratic nomination is a battle over the legacy of the Obama presidency. Hillary Clinton, completing her transition from rival to heir, lathers herself in that legacy whenever possible. Bernie Sanders offers a skeptical wag of the finger, his every call for revolution suggesting that so much hope has led to little change. “The kind of criticism that we’ve heard from Senator Sanders about our president, I expect from Republicans,” Clinton admonished in a recent debate. “I do not expect [it] from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama.”

Until historians render their verdict on him, we have the partisans. Right-wing writers offer tales of illegitimacy, conspiracy and overreach in their effort to define Obama. Okay, fine. But now book-length judgments are being handed down by the left, too — and so far, it’s advantage Sanders.

– The Washington Post

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