The History of ObamaCare, 2013-2016

In my previous post on the public option, readers commented that they liked having the history of the so-called “public option” consolidated all in one place, so they could refer to it, and refer others to it.

I’m guessing that after Labor Day, ObamaCare will become more prominent in the narrative; this year’s “open enrollment” period begins on November 1, a week before election day, and it’s likely that sticker shock and the general crapification of the policies will become an issue of public concern (or at least an excuse for another public relations exercise by the administration). In addition, the slow death spiral of the exchanges may lead to calls for Congress to “do something,” in the lame duck session; perhaps even introduce legislation for the “public option.” Finally, Sanders has supported Colorado’s single payer initiative, in open conflict with Clinton’s “never, ever” position. So ObamaCare is coming up on the charts once more.

So I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and consolidate links to posts in Naked Capitalism’s rather large corpus of ObamaCare-related material. (There are — let me check — over 100 on ObamaCare, and over 300 on health care policy, and that’s too many to list, so I’ll be somewhat selective.)

– Naked Capitalism

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