The CBO has one piece of good news for Republicans’ Obamacare replacement

Republicans had cause for consternation Monday when Congress’s budget referee scored their proposed health-care overhaul. Fourteen million fewer Americans would have health insurance next year if the plan were enacted, according to the analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, and that figure would swell to 24 million within a decade. A typical working-class 64-year-old who makes $26,500 annually would pay nearly $13,000 more in premiums every year.

But while the report could set back Republicans’ efforts to sell their bill to the public, it did make it easier for them to overcome Democrats’ plan for blocking the measure.

That’s because analysts projected that the bill would not increase federal borrowing in the long term — an official deficit-reduction forecast makes it easier for the legislation pass through the Senate without a filibuster from Democrats.

To get around a filibuster, Republicans are using a special congressional procedure known as reconciliation. It is a powerful parliamentary tactic, especially these days, when filibusters in the Senate have become routine and nearly all major legislation requires at least 60 votes — rather than a simple majority — to pass the chamber.

– Washington Post

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