SSSC Saul Nomination Letter to Senate Finance

The Strengthen Social Security Coalition consists of over 350 national and state organizations, representing
over 50 million Americans, including seniors, women, people with disabilities, workers, people of color,
and veterans. The coalition is strongly opposed to President Trump’s nominee, Mr. Andrew M. Saul, of
New York, to be the next commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Given our strong
objections, the coalition is particularly concerned that the Senate is considering confirming him not just for
the remainder of the current term, but for a new six-year term, following that.

The commissioner of the Social Security Administration must have deep knowledge of Social Security, a
program which is vitally important but extremely complicated. In addition, the commissioner must have a
deep and clear understanding of the challenges facing SSA. Mr. Saul has no previous work experience
related to Social Security or SSA. While the experience Mr. Saul gained from his time working on the
federal thrift savings plan (TSP) was undoubtedly valuable, it has little value to helping him run the Social
Security system, unless he seeks to privatize the program.

– Strengthen Social Security Coalition

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