Some thoughts on Greenwich, Winnetka, and why Hillary Clinton lost

I’ve been reluctant to focus too much on Hillary Clinton after her election loss, but since everybody (including her) is discussing the determinants of her loss today, I thought I would add my thoughts.

Clinton thinks she would have won if not for the October 28 letter from James Comey. I tend to agree.

But in any close election, there is more than one factor that, if changed, would have led to a different result. And I think the most productive questions for Democrats to dwell on are the ones about what they did wrong, not about what misfortunes befell them.

A better candidate than Clinton would not have been vulnerable to the Comey letter. And Clinton’s problems started much earlier, and ran much deeper, than her choices about what states to campaign in.

I want to focus on one question: Why did so many voters decide that Trump was the candidate of ordinary people while Clinton (and Democrats broadly) stood for wealthy elites — despite the fact that Trump ran on an agenda of deep tax cuts and financial regulation, and hassought to implement such an agenda after winning?

– Business Insider

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