Healthcare Reform 2019-2020

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare issues are increasingly important to many Americans, who a majority rank healthcare as either the first or second most important policy concern heading into the 2020 elections. This high level of concern has driven the debate over healthcare reform to the front of many presidential campaigns in the 2020 democratic party primaries. The following selection of articles address what are considered the most important dimensions of the emerging healthcare reform debate at this point. We will continue to monitor the debate as it evolves over the next several months and update our selection of articles at regular intervals. We will also offer our own commentary on the topic especially as it affects older people and the disabled.

The articles are organized into 2 groups. The first is a selection of articles that describe and analyze the major forces driving perception of crisis in the US healthcare system. The second group of articles deal with the Medicare for All, or single payer approach to healthcare reform. You can find an even more expansive list of articles in our archive.

We begin the series of articles with a PowerPoint presentation we prepared to provide an overview of the information we think is useful in helping gain an informed perspective on the health care debate. We will modify the PowerPoint as the debate evolves in the months ahead.

Forces Driving the Healthcare Crisis

Medicare For All


Issue Briefs: