Self-absorbed millennials? Not the ones who are caregivers for their elders.

Among the benefits of living in an industrialized society is the fact that, as medicine and technology improve, people live longer and the birth rate declines.

But these advances may in fact make life harder for America’s youngest adults, who find themselves increasingly called on to care for aging parents and grandparents even as they are figuring out how to care for themselves. Luckily for them, studies show that millennials are also more willing to be caregivers than previous generations.

Maggie Gonzalez, 25, of Olney, Md., spends Sunday mornings gently waking her 85-year-old grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, by smoothing a warm towel over her face. She moisturizes her skin and helps her use the bathroom and dress. “I pick out two outfits and let her choose, because given too many options she gets confused,” Gonzalez said.

– The Washington Post

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