Right-Wing Attack on Social Security Tries to Convince Us That Retirees Are Better off Than We Imagine

The right-wing war against Social Security has taken a turn into new heights of hyperbole and arrogance.

For years, you may recall, the anti-Social Security crowd said Americans could do better with investing their own money on Wall Street, essentially privatizing the most successful and popular government program. Then they said seniors were stealing money from younger generations, never mentioning that the funds came from their lifetime of work. Then last year they said that disabled people were just pretending to be injured and defrauding the government. Now there is an even more outrageous and baseless claim.

“They’re telling people they have more money than they say they do,” said Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, which has documented the burgeoning retirement security crisis and advocates for increased benefits.

– Alternet

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