Reversing Inequality: Unleashing the Transformative Potential of an Equitable Economy

The US economy’s deep systemic inequalities of income, wealth, power, and opportunity are part of global inequality trends, but US-style capitalism and public policy make these inequalities more acute. Their observable and felt harm to our civic and economic life is corroborated by research from many disciplines, suggesting that a move toward a more egalitarian society would certainly realign most aspects of economic and social life for the better. But inequality keeps moving in the wrong direction, toward more concentrated
wealth and power. What is the pathway to real change? For starters, we must understand what we are up against. Inequality does not spring mainly from technological change and globalization, though these both compound and complicate the growing rift. But the main drivers and accelerators of inequality are the imbalances of power and agency embedded in our political and economic system.

– The Next System Project, Chuck Collins

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