Proposed Changes to Florida Medicaid’s Long-Term Care Program.

Florida’s 2011 Managed Care Legislation, HB 7107, established “Medicaid Managed Care,” a new statewide managed care program for all covered services. The program is expected control Medicaid program costs by using a capitated rather than fee-for-service payment model  Two separate components are anticipated for  the new program: the Florida Long-Term Care Managed Care program, slated for implementation first, and the Florida Managed Medical Assistance program, an expansion of the Medicaid pilot program currently operating in five counties.  

The new Long-Term Care Managed Care program, which will cover adults 65 and older and younger adults with disabilities, will affect as many as 84,000 current Florida Medicaid beneficiaries as well as another 27,000 eligible individuals who are on various waiting lists for services.

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