Overhaul Raises Concerns

Christopher Camilli, 50, can’t tell time or handle money. He has trouble speaking and can’t use public transportation. But he has worked at the Eisenhower Center, which employs people with severe disabilities, since he was 21, and he has lived in a group home for the past 20 years.

Camilli was born with cerebral palsy. His parents believe he’s in a good place because of Family Care, a state program that provides the services he needs to live hisday-to-day life.

“They spent a lot time developing the Family Care model,” Priscilla Camilli said, “and it’s great.”

She and her husband, Charles, both 73, are among the tens of thousands of familymembers uneasy about the state’s proposal to revamp Family Care and a related program known as IRIS.

“My question is, why mess with it?” she said. “Why not leave it alone?”

In the coming weeks, the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee could vote on a proposal to dramatically remake the two Medicaid programs, which provide services to roughly 55,000 people.

– Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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