Opening Minds through Art: Connecting Generations through Art Making (Jan. 18th Lecture)

Dr. Elizabeth Lokon (founder of Opening Minds through Art/OMA), Meghan Young (Associate Director, OMA) and Krysta Peterson (Assistant Director, OMA) join us at the Claude Pepper Center for a lecture titled “Opening Minds through Art: Connecting generations through art making.”

For 16 years, Scripps Gerontology Center’s Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program has connected younger and older adults using the arts to build an age-inclusive society. An award-winning, evidence-based program, OMA pairs students with people living with dementia to form friendships and create art. A new virtual program, ScrippsAVID (Arts-based, Virtual, Intergenerational, and Dementia-Friendly), also connects older adults with students via video chat. The speakers discuss the foundation of these programs, and the value of intergenerational relationships built through these programs.

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Elizabeth Lokon

Elizabeth “Like” Lokon is the founder of Opening Minds through Art (OMA), a Scripps intergenerational art program for people living with dementia based at Miami University in Ohio. OMA has been replicated in hundreds of locations throughout North America and the world. As an artist, gerontologist, and educator, she frequently speaks on the intersection of the arts, dementia, and intergenerational service learning and has published in these areas. She has presented her work in North America, Europe and Asia. She is also a fiber artist.

Meghan Young

Meghan Young is the Associate Director of Opening Minds through Art (OMA) at Scripps Gerontology Center. Her career in aging and the arts began in a service-learning class during her first year at Miami University when she facilitated storytelling experiences for residents living with dementia in nursing homes. Since then, Meghan has worked on research projects dedicated to making communities age- and dementia-friendly, instructed intergenerational service-learning courses, and assisted long-term care providers with implementing arts-based activities for their residents. She believes everyone, regardless of age or ability, can share their life stories through the arts.

Krysta Peterson

Krysta Peterson is the Assistant Director of OMA. After spending over 10 years of volunteering, facilitating, and training, in 2020, Krysta co-founded Promoting Art and Intergenerational Relationships (PAIR), a non-profit to help support OMA programs in NE Ohio. Krysta joined the Miami OMA team in 2023. Krysta loves building relationships and helping others explore the passion that she has had since first becoming an OMA volunteer in 2010. Krysta loves spending time with her family, whether they’re taking on a new adventure or hanging out in their backyard.