Now It’s Democrats’ Turn to Make a Health Care Push: Medicare for All

Progressive Democrats aren’t wasting a minute after the demise of TrumpCare. Buoyed by how the debate cemented a federal role in the health care system — it was untenable for Republicans to simply repeal Obamacare and return to the Bush-era status quo of health care as a privilege for the wealthy — they’re moving quickly to offer an actual alternative, a Medicare-for-all single payer system.

Bernie Sanders, who championed such a system throughout his presidential run, is going to introduce a bill, and this time he will have far more co-sponsors in the Senate than previous efforts. Elizabeth Warren voiced support for single payer at a town hall last week, and so did Rhode Island’s senators over the weekend. The deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, is a Medicare for All co-sponsor, along with 72 House members. And numerous progressive organizations are on board with the push.

– The Fiscal Times

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