‘If I could afford to leave, I would.’ In Flint, a water crisis with no end in sight

Even now, the people of Flint, Mich., cannot trust what flows from their taps.More than one year after government officials finally acknowledged that an entire city’s water system was contaminated by lead, many residents still rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing.Parents still worry about their kids. Promised aid has yet to arrive. In ways large and small, the crisis continues to shape daily life.From the pulpit some Sunday mornings, the Rev. Rigel Dawson can see it.The anger and frustration over Flint’s contaminated water, so visceral at first, over time has given way to something almost worse: resignation.

“It was one more big thing on top of a bunch of big things,” Dawson says.

You have to understand, the pastor says, that people in Flint are resilient. They’ve endured crime, blight, decades of economic hardship. But as the water disaster stretches on, it has chipped away at the usual stoicism of his parishioners at North Central Church of Christ.

– The Washington Post

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