How We Got Here and Where We’re Going: Neoliberalism Has Failed, and a New Progressivism Is on the Rise

At a time when corporate profits are sky-high, workers’ wages remain flat, and affordability crises run rampant, many are beginning to understand that the neoliberal ideal has not only failed to deliver shared prosperity but has harmed the collective good and driven us to a second Gilded Age. For four decades, neoliberals have argued that unregulated markets would bring us both economic and political freedom, and that our economy and politics should, therefore, privilege individual private choice and profit-driven private-sector companies above all. The fracturing of this dominant but fundamentally flawed consensus lies behind much of the political debate we see today.

To better understand the current political and economic moment, and to chart a new path beyond neoliberalism toward a more democratic economy rooted in progressive ideas, rules, and institutions, the Roosevelt Institute released two reports today…

Roosevelt Institute