How Trump is threatening the health and well-being of Social Security beneficiaries

Though the coronavirus pandemic is most deadly to older adults and people with disabilities, Donald Trump is pushing states to open up, despite the danger to them. In addition to their physical security, he is also endangering their economic well-being.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided emergency one-time $1,200 payments to adults with incomes of $75,000 (phased out for those with higher incomes) and $500 for each of their dependent children under age 17. Underreported are the needless obstacles blocking the way of people receiving Social Security benefits, primarily older adults and people with disabilities, from receiving those emergency payments.

People receiving Social Security benefits should have been the first to get these payments, and should have gotten them automatically. After all, the federal government already pays monthly Social Security benefits to nearly 65 million older adults, people with disabilities, survivors, and their dependent children. The government already has bank or debit card information, the ages of the children, and, indeed, everything else needed to pay those benefits automatically and quickly.

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