How to Save Obamacare From Trump

This past weekend, liberals across the country celebrated the demise of the American Health Care Act as a triumph of Obamacare over the reactionary forces determined to tear it down, and rightly so. The Republican Party’s failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act outright is not just a huge relief to those who believe in the principle of a health care guarantee for all Americans; it’s a godsend to those who have benefitted from the health insurance expansion facilitated by President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment.

But ACA supporters shouldn’t become complacent simply because a Republican health care bill is not going to become law anytime soon. The Republican opposition to Obamacare is about to become more dishonorable than at any point since Obama signed it seven years ago.

Republican leaders, including President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, have done almost nothing to disguise their intent to mismanage the Affordable Care Act into failure.

– New Republic

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