How the ‘Medicare for All’ Messaging Battle Can Be Won, or Lost

As some leading Democrats push a bolder vision for delivering on the party’s decades-long aspiration of universal health care, intraparty dissonance threatens to derail that effort before it has even begun, with establishment Democrats and progressives sparring over how to satiate the appetite for dramatic overhaul without alienating Americans fearful of disruption.

Support for “Medicare for All” has fallen since the 2018 midterm elections, as Republicans have gone on the offensive, branding it as an embrace of socialism and a government takeover of health care.

The underpinnings of much of the discourse surrounding the controversial policy are rooted in genuine debate surrounding what “Medicare for All” means in the first place — and muddled definitions have left Americans relying more on what they’d like to see in the plan than on what’s truly there as they build their outlook. Democratic presidential aspirants, eager to please steadfast believers, wary optimists and skeptics alike, appear to be in no rush to alleviate the ambiguity.

– Morning Consult

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