Horizons working through Medicaid Meals on Wheels mishap

A Cedar Rapids-based not-for-profit is working through April billing issues after the Medicaid transition has left its Meals on Wheels program on uneven ground.

The state handed over its $5 billion Medicaid program with more than 560,000 enrollees and 29,000 providers to three private insurance companies April 1.

Horizons offers transportation, nutritional and mental health services to underserved populations. It delivers about 1,100 meals a day, said Sofia Mehaffey, director of community health and nutrition programs. Those meals help senior adults and those with disabilities meet their daily nutritional needs and live independently.

But since the April 1 switch, one managed-care organization (MCO) has denied all Meals on Wheels claims, one has not yet responded to the claims and one has approved only a small percentage of meals — 14 of 58 meals requested for one client, for example — Mehaffey said.

– The Gazette

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