Grading the States: An Analysis of Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Laws

Grading the States: An Analysis of U.S. Psychiatric Treatment Laws examines the laws that provide for involuntary treatment for psychiatric illness in each state. To do so, we asked a crucial question: Does the state law allow an individual in need of involuntary evaluation or treatment to receive timely care, for sufficient duration, in a manner that enables and promotes long-term stabilization?

The United States is effectively running 50 different experiments, with no two states taking the same approach. As a result, whether or not an individual receives timely, appropriate treatment for an acute psychiatric crisis or chronic psychiatric disease is almost entirely dependent on what state he or she is in when the crisis arises.

In addition to providing a detailed assessment of each state’s treatment laws in comparison with those of the rest of the country, the report also identifies specific statutory changes states can make to greatly improve access to care for this population.

– Treatment Advocacy Center

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