Gaetz: Why can’t Grandma make it on $35 a month?

She was resplendent in purple, from her shoes to her dress to her scarf to the purple feathers on her purple hat. Lucy Kennedy had planned for days what she would wear when the “two important men” came to the nursing home. What she would say to them she had known for months.

After the tour and the handshakes and the cookies and the niceties, they came to the room where she sat with a few others. They noticed her, as she hoped they would, and told her how beautiful she looked, as she surely did. And then she got her chance.

Could the “two important men” look into what the residents were getting for “personals?” she asked. If there was nothing to be done, she understood. It had been awhile. But something, anything would help. Just look into it.

– Tallahassee Democrat

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