Florida’s dismal national ranking on health care deserves attention and action from every aspiring state leader

The quality and accessibility of health care is an especially critical concern for Florida’s older residents. Persons over 65 have increasingly greater needs for health and long term care services than younger people.

Politicians in Florida tend to crow about how good things are in the state — especially when they’re running for re-election. But there’s nothing to gloat over in a recent report comparing health-care performance among all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Florida ranked 48th in that report from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation that advocates expanding health-care access. Only Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mississippi came in lower.

Florida politicians might be more comfortable on the stump talking about jobs created, taxes cut and tourists attracted. But unless they have a serious plan to deal with the state’s festering health-care problems — which threaten our economy and quality of life — the accomplishments politicians like to showcase are on shaky ground.

– Orlando Sentinel

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