Federal Insider Most long-term insurance care enrollees are eligible for little-known benefit

Three-fifths of enrollees in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program who are facing steep premium increases will be eligible to invoke a little-known feature of the program that will allow them to stop paying premiums but still keep some coverage, the Office of Personnel Management has said.

The paid-up provision allows enrollees whose premium is increased beyond a certain percentage to stop paying premiums, with benefits then reduced. The triggering percentages vary according to the age at enrollment and take into account all increases since that time; FLTCIP rates also increased for many enrollees in early 2010.

The OPM announced last week that premiums will increase on average by 83 percent in November for all but about 10,000 of the 274,000 people in the program, which is open to active and retired federal employees and military personnel and certain family members.

– The Washington Post

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