Fabio Correa

Fabio Andres Correa Duran – Research Engineer

Email: fac23d@fsu.edu

Website: nool.info

CV: nool.info/cv

Fabio is a physicist and data scientist who joined the Claude Pepper Center in 2023. His mission is disseminating knowledge and raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities of aging and health in social science and public policy. He is the lead developer of a data platform that offers interactive maps and statistical dashboards with insights from state and national datasets related to health and aging in Florida and beyond. Fabio envisions the platform as a resource for researchers, policy makers, administrators, business owners, older adults and care givers who want to learn more about the services, policies, and trends that affect older adults. He also engages in outreach activities to promote this vision at the local level and provide skills to researchers interested in analyzing and visualizing data on health and aging.

Fabio is passionate about collaborative research that explores the complex relationships between education, employment, retirement, health, healthcare, aging, and policy. These are critical components of the Pepper Center’s mission. He believes that data science and machine learning can help uncover patterns and insights that can inform better decisions for improving the quality of life of older adults.

Fabio has a diverse background that combines physics, computer simulation, data science, and anthropology. Before joining Florida State University, Fabio graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a BA and MS in physics. He used his simulation and data science skills to study dengue fever in several Colombian cities, collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from climate, epidemics, policy, and human behavior fields. He also pursued PhD studies in anthropology (not completed) to gain a holistic understanding of cultures and societies. His technical skills together with his previous experience in social science will be valuable in his current endeavor, as he seeks to bridge the gap between data and policy on aging and health.