Empathy Leads to Compassion Then Joy for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

The caregiver begins to acquire empathy by asking how, why, what. How is the person who is deeply forgetful feeling? Why is the person who is deeply forgetful acting this way? What do they need?

The only way the caregiver can come to understanding and then empathy is by looking at the world out of the eyes of the person who is living with Alzheimer’s or the other types of dementia.

All to often, we spend our time telling others how we feel. We the caregivers.

We spend our time describing the actions of the deeply forgetful to others. Then relate how we feel.

The act of “venting” or “complaining” is negative. This negativity adds to our burden.

On the other hand, when we begin to examine the words, actions, and acts of the deeply forgetful we slowly come to the understand that because of the changes in their brain they perceive the world differently at times then we, the caregivers, perceive the world.

Some caregivers come to believe that the person who is deeply forgetful is not the person they “knew”. It does not seem apparent to them that the person they “know” is changing. This change is being caused by the effect of dementia on the brain.

– Alzheimer’s Reading Room

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