Dr. Dawn C. Carr

Dr. Dawn C. Carr is the Director of the Claude Pepper Center and also serves as Professor of Sociology. Her mission as a scholar and gerontologist is to identify and leverage factors that bolster older adults’ ability to remain healthy and active as long as possible. Her work over the last decade has focused on understanding the complex pathways between health and active engagement during the second half of life. She has particularly focused on evaluating the health consequences of major stressors and life transitions such as those related to later life employment, retirement, engagement in new social roles (e.g., volunteering and caregiving), social networks and social relationships, and major health events such as onset of disabilities, and critical health setbacks or diagnoses. Her recent work pays increasing attention to the role of early life experiences and exposures over the life course, and the ways in which individual psychological resources facilitate resilient outcomes in later life.

Before joining Florida State University in 2016, Carr was a researcher at the Stanford Center on Longevity, a postdoctoral fellow in the Carolina Program for Health and Aging Research at the Institute on Aging at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a researcher at the Scripps Gerontology Center. 

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