Crapifying Medicare with the New MACRA Program

Single payer advocates tend to frame the obvious sanity and humanity of their policy proposal as “Medicare for All,” which would be great if “Medicare” meant Canadian Medicare, and not American Medicare, which is suffering from a tenacious neoliberal infestatation and hence, as readers periodically point out to to us, is becoming increasingly crapified. (There’s none of this “free at the point of care” nonsense that curses the Brits; instead, there are still monthly payments, more or less onerous, co-pays, and the increasing complexity and rental extraction that always comes from neoliberal market fundamentalism.) I’ve been reluctant to dig into Medicare, because heaven knows ObamaCare is enough, but prompted by alert reader DCSweeney, I’m going to give it a shot. (And I hope readers will feel free to share their own horror stories experiences in comments.) I also hope that readers more familiar with Medicare policy than I am — many of you, I am sure — will weigh in with clarifications and commentary.

– Naked Capitlism

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