Coronavirus, COVID-19, and You

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world at an alarming rate and has begun to spread in the US. Older people and younger people with chronic medical conditions are at greatest risk of contracting the virus and need to be especially aware of measures they can take to reduce their exposure. We are committed to providing as much accurate and useful information about the pandemic as long as it remains a threat to the health of Americans.

We will be posting information on a daily basis and modifying previous posts as more recent information becomes available. We plan to focus on the best available information about proven preventive measures individuals can take to protect themselves and the larger health and economic policy issues related to the pandemic including our own analyses and recommendations especially as they relate to long term care provided in the community and in nursing homes, which are at greater risk at this point than any other long term care setting. We welcome questions and comments from the public.

Latest Developments

Important Information

Below is a wealth of information from the CDC, major news outlets, and health organizations that are specific to those that may be the most vulnerable. Many of these sites are constantly being updated with new information or procedures to better protect yourself for the current outbreak.

Important Articles

With so much information being written and shared over the internet we wanted to curate articles that we have found to stand out when it comes to the current outbreak. Ranging from how to deal with isolation to biological explanations into why COVID-19 is so deadly; this section will be updated daily along with all other information on this page.