Long-Term Care

Predicting Racial Disparities in Nursing Home Admission: The Role of Discrimination, Stressors, and Neighborhood Context

Originally published by The Sociological Quarterly in 2019 By Lori Gonzalez ABSTRACT Although the overall trend in nursing home use has declined, this has not been the case for racial and ethnic minorities. This article elucidates the role of stressors and neighborhood context in nursing home admission. The analysis fits several regression models to predict […]

Culture Change in Skilled Nursing

Originally published by the Journal of Housing for the Elderly in 2019 By Lori Gonzalez and Lisa Rill Abstract The culture change movement has pushed for reform for more than two decades to align policy, the long-term care industry, and resident preferences with regard to care. Evidence from research indicates that culture change has the […]

Long-Term Care Options in Florida: Their Availability by County Demographics

Originally published by the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities By Lori Gonzalez Abstract Older people express a preference for home and community-based care over skilled nursing, realizing that preference, however, is dependent upon having those options available. The present exploratory study uses publicly available data to understand if the geographic availability of long-term […]

Women and the Crisis of Care in the United States

Originally published in 2018 by Gender and Age: A Focus on Women By Larry Polivka Women are much more involved in long- term care (LTC) than men, as caregivers and care recipients. This is true in the formal system of paid care and in an “informal” system that relies upon unpaid caregiving by relatives and […]

The Changing Role of Non-Profit Organizations in the U.S. Long Term Care System

Originally published in 2019 by the Journal of Aging & Social Policy By Larry Polivka and LuMarie Polivka-West Abstract The American long-term care system has changed dramatically over the last several years as the need for care has increased steadily with the aging of the boomer generation. Arguably, the most important change has occurred in […]