OMA News and Events

Spring 2024 Art Shows!

FSU-OMA concluded the Spring 2024 program with two celebratory art shows held at our partner facilities (The Grove at Canopy and Tapestry Senior Living). This Spring marked the second semester running our Opening Minds through Art program. We had 13 student interns paired with people living with dementia as well as 9 FSU Law students […]

OMA at the Florida State Guardianship Association Conference

Dr. Dawn Carr (Director of the Claude Pepper Center) and Suzanne Monroe Smith (OMA Program Lead) presented at the 2024 Florida State Guardianship Association Conference. They spoke about FSU-Opening Minds through Art, and the importance of person-centered care as the older adult population rises.

OMA at FSU: Spring 2024!

Our Spring 2024 semester has begun with an exciting start. We kicked off the semester with a series of events and workshops held in collaboration with the Scripps OMA team from Oxford, Ohio. Now, the Claude Pepper Center has launched our Spring 2024 OMA program! This Spring, thirteen Sociology student interns are paired with people […]

Opening Minds through Art: Jan. 18th & 19th Workshops

Two OMA workshops were held at The Claude Pepper Center with the Scripps Opening Minds through Art (OMA) team from Oxford, Ohio. Guests created abstract art while learning about the evidence-based and research-backed OMA process. It was wonderful seeing how the “no-fail OMA art recipe” allowed everyone to express their inner artist. Guests had the […]