Middle-Class Economic Security Declines As Risks Rise And Wealth Falls

More and more families save for their retirement on their own and have to manage the financial risks that come with it without much outside help. They often incur a lot of risk and could lose pretty large shares of their total wealth. They could face such excessive risk if they owe a lot of […]

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn on the Green New Deal

Back in October, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a landmark report informing us that global emissions need to be slashed in half in less than 12 years, a target that simply cannot be met without the world’s largest economy playing a game-changing leadership role. If there is a new administration ready to leap into that […]

Neoliberal Redistributive Policy: The U.S. Net Social Wage in the 21st Century

In this paper, I examine the trends of fiscal transfers between the state and workers during 1959 – 2012 to understand the net impact of redistributive policy in the United States. This paper presents original net social wage data from and analysis based on the replication and extension of Shaikh and Tonak (2002). The paper […]

How privatization could spell the end of democracy

These companies wouldn’t have customers if better public alternatives existed. It can be hard to find a water fountain in Manhattan, and public transit in American cities ranges from mediocre to nonexistent. But solving these problems by ceding them to the private sector ensures that public services will continue to deteriorate until they disappear. Decades […]

Policy Considerations Relating to Privatization in the Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Act requires that state civil servants make all decisions about individual households’ eligibility for benefits. Throughout the program’s history, state civil service admini­stration has been taken for granted. Last year, however, USDA approved a waiver for Florida to partially privatize administration of the Food Stamp Program in several counties. Now, at least […]