Senior Housing

Meeting the Challenges of Aging in Public Housing

Public-housing authorities across the country are wrestling with meeting the needs of frail seniors in need of supportive housing, where the services that elderly people need to age in place safely, independently and comfortably are readily available. The bad news is that the numbers in need of these services will only grow in coming years, […]

For seniors, wired homes offer independent living

Violette Roberts’ home is full of sensors. There is a device under her pillow to record how many hours she sleeps. Wires stick out from her toilet tank, transmitting how many times she flushes. Little white rectangles, about the size of matchboxes, count how many times she opens her fridge and her medicine cabinet. And […]

Paying Off the Mortgage Is Becoming Harder for Older Workers

LIKE Archie Bunker, who celebrated paying off his home mortgage by burning his documents in a 1975 episode of “All in the Family,” many workers once routinely timed retirement to coincide with paying off amortgage. But now older workers, stung by a punishing decline in house prices or high consumer debt, are increasingly unable to […]