Social Security

Why Social Security may survive longer than the government expects

With higher than predicted labor force participation rates, Social Security may have a shot at surviving longer. Social Security might have a shot at surviving for another generation — and that’s thanks to 78.1 million individuals who will be contributing to it. These 78.1 million individuals who come after millennials and were born after 1997 […]

Have a Social Security Question? Please Hold

When Brenda Holt learned that the federal government planned to close her local Social Security office, she swung into action. That field office in Quincy, Fla., served Gadsden County in the state’s panhandle, where Ms. Holt is a commissioner; closing the office would force residents who needed help managing their benefits to travel 25 miles […]

SSSC Saul Nomination Letter to Senate Finance

The Strengthen Social Security Coalition consists of over 350 national and state organizations, representing over 50 million Americans, including seniors, women, people with disabilities, workers, people of color, and veterans. The coalition is strongly opposed to President Trump’s nominee, Mr. Andrew M. Saul, of New York, to be the next commissioner of the Social Security […]

8 Questions About Social Security Answered as Election Day Nears

It’s no wonder that Social Security is politically contentious. The program’s reach is vast: More than 175 million workers contribute to it with every paycheck, and about 43 million retirees collect monthly benefits. For three in five older Americans, those checks account for more than half their income. Every two years, voters — whether they […]

Social Security, food stamps, and other programs kept 44 million people out of poverty last year

The US Census Bureau just dropped its annual load of statistics on American poverty and income, and the data shows that 2017 was a good year for many Americans, and not-so-great for others. On the upside: 2.4 million more people snagged full-time jobs, the median household income ticked up, and poverty rates dropped slightly. On the downside: […]