Private Pensions

Government-Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Workers Fall Short

State and local governments are stepping in to help ordinary Americans save for their retirement as corporations continue to abandon their responsibility to help and the Trump administration takes steps to undermine the ability of workers to save. The new retirement plans for private-sector workers don’t come close to matching the richness of traditional retirement […]

American families deserve a serious policy debate on retirement security

With the debate on tax reform in full swing in Congress, tax incentives for savings appear to have avoided the chopping block. Yet, while sparing them doesn’t make it harder for American families to save for retirement, it doesn’t make it any easier either. There is much tax bill amending and horse trading still to […]

Autopsy of a Retirement Plan

As I approached age sixty-five after thirty-seven years of university teaching, I took stock of what my retirement income would look like. Many retirement experts claim that at least 70 percent of preretirement income is necessary to maintain one’s standard of living. For example, someone whose final annual income will be $100,000 should have as […]

U.S. Pension Fund Collapse Isn’t a Distant Prospect. It Could Come in 5 Years.

Warnings about looming public pension disasters have regularly cropped up since the 1950s, pointing to problems 25 years or more down the line. To politicians and union leaders, 1  the troubles were someone else’s predicament. Then crisis fatigue set in as the big problem remained down the road. Today, the hard stop is five to 10 years […]

Millennials and Retirement: Already Falling Short

A new report finds a deeply troubling retirement outlook for the Millennial generation. Most Millennials have nothing saved for retirement, and those who are saving aren’t saving nearly enough. The report indicates that many factors are contributing to this generation’s retirement savings challenges – from depressed wages to the lack of eligibility to participate in […]