Retirement Security

How Trump is threatening the health and well-being of Social Security beneficiaries

Though the coronavirus pandemic is most deadly to older adults and people with disabilities, Donald Trump is pushing states to open up, despite the danger to them. In addition to their physical security, he is also endangering their economic well-being. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided emergency one-time $1,200 payments to […]

Coronavirus Is Making the Public Pension Crisis Even Worse

For years, the country’s public pension plans have faced a yawning gap between what they owe and what they can pay. From the State of California’s public employees’ retirement plan, with more than 1.6 million participants, to tiny funds for employees of local mosquito-control programs in Illinois, public pensions are the time bomb of government […]

Social Security: Where Do the 2020 Candidates Stand?

The C-SPAN video from 1995 is grainy, but the audio is clear: Senator Joe Biden is heard bragging about his support for freezing spending on Social Security as part of broader deficit reduction legislation. “I’m up for re-election this year, and I’m going to remind everybody what I did, at home, which is going to […]

Examining the Root Causes of America’s Unsustainable Fiscal Path

Prior to Social Security, Americans inevitably found themselves unemployed, unable to continue to work as they aged. In those circumstances, they routinely moved in with their adult children. Those who had no children or whose children were unable or unwilling to support them typically wound up in the poorhouse. When Social Security became law, every […]

Retiring in Florida: The Villages vs Reality

The Villages is 32-square-miles of unbridled growth. The 55+ community features three Disney-like town squares – Spanish Springs, Brownwood, and Sumter Lake – with a fourth, Southern Oaks, under development. Retirees zip along in colorful golf carts through the perfectly landscaped grounds on paths that were designed for the vehicles. The residents use the golf […]