Politics of Aging

The Sanders Campaign, Greater Appalachia and Young Workers

The white working class is ready. Are you? The 2016 Democratic primary gives us a way of assessing the potential for organizing among white workers. This may sound surprising since the corporate media created a narrative about how white workers supported Trump in the general election. But clear-eyed observers such as Konstantin Kilibarda and Daria Roithmayr, Mike Davis, Bill Fletcher, Jeffrey […]

Post-Election Research: Persuadable and Drop-off Voters

Methodology 1. Focus Groups GSG and GHY conducted two focus groups in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on January 26th, two in Southfield, Michigan on January 28th, and two in Tampa, Florida on January 29th, 2017. In each set of groups, one group was conducted with Obama-Trump voters and one with turnout targets (millennials in WI & […]

‘Red’ America is an illusion. Postindustrial towns go for Democrats.

Media professionals and intellectuals in the large coastal cities have long struggled to understand the white, non-metropolitan counties in the middle of the country. Just as Christians often fail to understand the diversity of the faraway Islamic world, American coastal elites have come to see the non-metro sections of the heartland as an undifferentiated mass […]

Can we finally ditch the white working-class myth? Obama-to-Trump voters weren’t the problem.

Was the 2016 presidential election determined by “economic anxiety” among the white working class? That persistent media narrative has again been shown to be largely untrue. Writing in the New York Times, Stephen Phillips explained that “hundreds of articles” have argued the importance of pursuing lower-income white voters who supported Barack Obama in 2012 and […]

The South won the Civil War: White men, racial resentment, and how the Bitter Minority came to rule us all

Donald Trump’s recent failed attempt to surprise the political world with a sizable group endorsement by black ministers occasioned a very sharp observation from Joy Reid on The Last Word. After Jonathan Allen noted that Trump was desperately looking for “a racial or ethnic or any other type of minority that he can go to […]