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Will Fewer Children Boost Demand for Formal Caregiving?

Today, 25 percent of all caregivers of elderly are adult children.  However, while the parents of the Baby Boom generation had three children per household on average, the Boomers themselves only have two.  This project uses the Health and Retirement Study to assess how the number of children a person has affects the demand for formal long-term […]

Assessment of 3-dimensional wisdom in schizophrenia: Associations with neuropsychological functions and physical and mental health

Recent decades have seen growing empirical research in wisdom as a complex, trait-based psychological characteristic. Wisdom has been shown to possess individual and societal benefits through associations with health and well-being, but it has not yet been evaluated in people with schizophrenia (PwS). In the current study, we administered a widely used, validated 3-dimensional wisdom […]

Care and its constraints: Will care work pass through Pettit’s gate?

Welfare states are in a care crisis both in the sense of a practical care gap (abundant needs but not enough caregivers) and in the new movement to limit care to mere rehabilitation. Few political theorists pay attention to these developments, and those who do say little about the potential limits to care. This article […]

The Affordable Care Act and the Faltering Revolution in Behavioral Health Care

Often described in such terms as a “revolution” and a “game-changer” for the behavioral health sector in the United States, the Affordable Care Act has helped to enhance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders while encouraging service system innovations at the organizational level. However, tens of millions of Americans still lack health insurance, […]

Competition in Health Insurance: A comprehensive study of U.S. markets

This is the 17th edition of the American Medical Association’s “Competition in health insurance: A comprehensive study of U.S. markets.” This report presents new data on the degree of competition in health insurance markets across the country, It is intended to help researchers, policymakers, and federal and state regulators identify markets where consolidation among health […]